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Learn and explore best technologies from experts and get a bright future.

Why Choose Us?

Plain Education vs Practical Engineering?

With our personalized task based training, every candidate
uniquely advances through his own journey of becoming skilled.

We help you learn to swim directly in the tides and fight with the
waves, so that once you get placed, you perform brilliantly and
stay confident wherever you go.

Contrast Students Very Happy

Psychological Analysis

Every candidate is different, hence we undergo a deeper analysis of how they approach things and learning. This helps in better understanding about them and hence recognize their learning patterns.

Contrast Students Very Happy

Learning Pattern Recognition

Are you a visual, auditory, kinesthetic or tactile learner? How do you process new things? How should you be trained so that you learn faster, and for longer?

Contrast Students Very Happy

Personalized Attention

Every candidate has a different way of approaching things. We are not some classes & there is no batch system. Every candidate is dealt with personally, preparing them for their own journey.

Contrast Students Very Happy

Task best learning

Engage learners in solving real-world problems that require critical thinking and problem-solving skills. For example, tasks could involve designing a sustainable city, creating a marketing campaign, or developing a solution for a social issue.

Contrast Students Very Happy

9+ Years Experience

Practical Training for candidates looking for a place to get the right skills and experience to acquire a job, perform confidently and excellently, negotiate right increments, and get better promotions.

With The Contrast, learn exactly what the industry needs. We feel pride to declare that all the previous testimonials wholeheartedly suggest and promote us everywhere they go. Start right, to reach to the right place.

Company Story

Learn About Our

  1. Brand Credutech was announced

  2. Ace Education started in full swing
    recovering from Covid Setbacks

  3. Ace Education started building it's root

  4. Koparkhairane office was established

  5. Brand The Contrast was announced

  6. The Contrast Pvt Ltd was legally established

  7. Team started working together

  8. Started working on idea in 2nd year engineering

Best IT Training Institute

What do our candidates say about us?

Vishal Verma

Front End Developer

TSS Consultancy Services | 9.5 lpa

At first, it seemed impossible, but when you trust the process eventually it all made sense.
And I am glad that I choose to trust the process of The Contrast

Pramod Patil

Software Development Engineer

Valuefy | 11 lpa

It was a very good learning Experience when seniors guide to practically Apply your knowledge.

Gaurav Mokashi

Full Stack Developer

Perennial Services | 16 lpa

I am glad that sir taught me one thing, How to learn. Just follow the fundamentals and you will see the results.

Sameer Shinde

Software Development Engineer

Perennial Services | 10 lpa

There are many skills that you learn in The Contrast, not just coding but skills that can make the difference in real world.

Ashish Gupta

Front End Developer

Bristom Services | 7.5 lpa

Contrast was not just a place but a home where I have made friends that are family, I mean literally.

Sumeet Patil

Software Development Engineer

French Technologies | 3.6 lpa

No matter what you do, Contrast (Akash sir) will ensure that you get successful as a developer.

Aditi Ganjale

Angular Developer

Practo | 2.4 lpa

Today I and my sister Vaishnavi both are empowered as Angular Developer through Akash sir and Contrast, we are independent today.

Kiran Nikam

Backend Developer

Tantra Soft Solutions | 3.6 lpa

From not knowing what is desktop icons to becoming a well-performing developer, I have literally come a long way.

Arpita Koli

Software Development Engineer

My Setu | 2 lpa

The Contrast is where I learned to live the life of a developer.

Sahil Bavaskar

Software Development Engineer

Tata Consultancy Services | 3.9 lpa

Akash sir goes the extra mile to ensure that we learn how to learn. Crazy experience.

Ajay Auchar

Software Development Engineer

Valuefy | 4.5 lpa

The degree is just a paper, it is true for me who had none but anything that can be achieved is what The Contrast and Akash sir proved it.

Sushil Deshmukh

Software Development Engineer

Valuefy | 8 lpa

How to solve problems without any help is really a very unique way of learning in The Contrast.

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